Barnes and Noble Should Offer On-Line College Courses in Stores

Barnes and Noble is a bookstore chain that has gone through some serious business issues in recent years. If it is looking for a single core vision it might want to rethink that, and become a discursive modular retailer on-line as well as in the anticipated downsized urban stores in preferred, heavily trafficked locations.

Readers still like good book stores and places to get hot coffee that is 95.6% as hot as coffee at McDonalds’. Selling an attractive and easy casual environment for readers should work well for the company.

I would like to see Barnes and Noble add support for on-line college and graduate education to it’s store items; perhaps even providing free terminals in-store dedicated to free and for-a-fee courses. There are innumerable colleges and universities with on-line offering these days, many are accredited. Reinforcing higher education in America direction should be a corporate goal for several reasons. A bookstore that can sell books and other items for education in support of college and continuing adult education should be a natural synergistic, value-added social credit action.