President Trump Can’t Send Mueller to Gitmo

I am not happy that the Mueller investigation has gone on so long. A President should be able to preside without a perennial investigation nagging at him or her. The Special Investigation is highly politically charged and motivated on the face of it. Apparently nothing material has emerged in support of the premise of the investigation; that Donald Trump colluded with Russians to become elected.

If the President could have Mueller arrested, and the Democrat Party leaders liquidated, it would be a different country than the U.S.A and more like the Soviet Union of Joseph Stalin.

I read something in the context of a course on contemporary Russian government. A student essay quoted a Pravda correspondent’s opinion about the American left who regard themselves as progressives for the goal of replacing the traditional family with singles and transexuals. The Pravda guy said that the progressives are just stooges working the will of super-rich capitalists.

It is funny that the communists of Russia share opinions that in America are held by enlightened modern social conservatives to a certain extent.

Any Presidential candidate might want to look to more skilled campaign managers and collaborators that are knowledgeable about the U.S.A. than one could find in Russia I would think. Yet hiring offshore people with plausible deniability to perpetrate acts of political service through criminal means might be something one would expect of leftists for whom the Internationale is the anthem of lore.