The White House Isn’t Mad as Guardian Headline Issues

Evidently the British Newspaper The Guardian feels the President of the United States is mad. It is true that he is not the usual bureaucrat foreigners expect to have easy pickings from.

It does seem rather wicked to post such a crass headline about a capable business leader who has taken on the task of rectifying the U.S. economy to a certain extent even if not done with the smoothness Brits have demonstrated in exiting the European Union. I like to think that if Donald Trump was the British Prime Minister the job would already be done.

People say that the President is power-hungry. Perhaps that is his motivation; to leave America better off than it was and bask in the glow of a job well done. I would like two tasks to be accomplished that won’t during the Trump administration; one is to reform capitalism to break up the concentration of wealth and assure that all Americans ordinarily have enough capital to develop projects. The second is to rehabilitate the U.S. portion of the ecosphere with new economic polices and methods. Taxation on the most rich can be directed toward eco-rehabilitation and public education avoiding the issue of just creating a lot of people that want much money without working for it. Democrats don’t get my goals done either.

 Donald Trump isn’t a neo-communist bureaucrat President; he is a businessman, and the media  doesn’t like that a bit. Yet he isn’t a leader of godless atheist degradation of the human species into an immoral amoeba like social paste of perversity and subjugation to the 1%.