The Yippee Way for Senator Cory Booker

Senator Cory Booker released confidential e-mails to the public belonging to Supreme Court Judicial nominee Bret Kavinaugh.

Senate rules stipulate that a Senator may be kicked out of the Senate for violating Senate Rule 29.5, that concerns violating  confidentiality of Senate material. Senator Booker’s egregious violation of rules exemplifies the Democrat Party’s fascist obsession with having things their own way. They stop at nothing making personal attacks instead of reasoned argument and have the working method of operations such that regards the end goal justifying the means.

Democrats will stop at nothing to force their political will. The ironic thing is that the Democrat Party agenda is simply corrupt and self-defeating. It accomplishes two things of national importance; one is the concentration of wealth and second is the corruption of morals including the civility and good faith requisite for a democracy to meaningfully function. Democrats are just stooges for corporatism. Senator Booker doesn’t know that racism is a substitute for not raising taxes on the rich that the public are led to chase around like a pack of howling wolves after a fox.

Taxation on the most rich can be directed toward eco-rehabilitation and public education avoiding the issue of just supporting a lot of people that want a lotta money without working for it. 

One of the funny things about the abortion issue is that allowing abortion in the United States undermines the pressure that would otherwise exist to create a fool-proof, 100% effective and easy to wear contraceptive. With that item abortions would never need to occur.