Nation’s Job Situation is Cool

The national unemployment rate at 3.9% might be real since average wages increased more than 2%.  President Trump has continued and improved the recovery to create the best jobs situation since 1966.

A practical full employment circumstance probably is the right time to restructure things a little and create incentives for employers to hire those out of work the longest time. Many people just can’t get hired because they have been unemployed a long time, have some strike against them or are too old or injured to be laborers. It is also challenging in some cases for older workers to start in some new field amid youth.

It would also be good while employment is solid to consider integrating ecospherically synergistic construction and business project with tax incentives and permitting prioritization. The President should not be satisfied with just tightening up conventional employment methods and should venture in to what is for him and most other a frontier of reform.