Bob Woodward Pecking Away at National Security

 Did Washington Post Reporter Bob Woodward endanger national security with his new book’s leaked information and statements about unpublished tweets concerning North Korea? President Trump is making more progress with North Korea than any President has before. The Clinton’s just gave the North Koreans a lot of food and cash in exchange for pretending they weren’t building nuclear weapons (they did). If Mr. Woodward’s book has effected the careful interaction between Kim Un and President Trump and the North Koreans fail to continue rapprochement with South Korea and the U.S.A. while getting rid of nukes, that may leader to a future nuclear exchange and that could be said to endanger national security.

The title of the new Woodward book is ‘Fear’. Fear is a popular theme with young Democrat supporters and politics and. In Oregon last year Sen. Ron Wyden told the young people of Lane Community College not to fear (the Trump election). Apparently youth are fearful and worry about impingement on homosexuality, drugs and blue hair. Bob Woodward tapped into one of the Democrat party’s underlying themes about Republicans. Apparently their is a myth that Republicans will put youth out on the street where they will be victimized by the Klan who is lurking with motorcycles, whips and chains nearby.

Yet Democrats don’t have a real platform to change anything. Their polices work for the concentration of wealth; it what Mr. Obama who made Bush II tax cuts permanent without a single vote of dissent from Democrats except for Bernie Sanders who was an independent.

I recall that during the Reagan administration writers including myself used to advocate national self-determination and democracy as opposed to the forced subjugation to communist authoritarianism. I could no longer write that way about the United States or the west if there was some sort of international situation. I still oppose communist authoritarianism, yet the United States is no longer for national self-determination so much as it is for globalism. It is also a real politic advocate for corporatism and globalism instead of national democracy tat requires secure borders.

Democrats are leading youth to increased national debt in partnership with Republicans. Democrats just go about globalism differently and apportion government spending priorities to their constituency instead of the military industrial complex. Even so, the primary benefit for Democrat voters is moral corruption and licentiousness (Ken Starr writes in his new book that Hillary Clinton said she could not remember or didn’t recollect an event more than 300 times while being interviewed and he felt like charging her with perjury). That will lead to the destruction of citizen interests and strength politically in prep for a lot of people globally being phased out. Homosexuality is just a birth control and population reduction tool. Democrat Party leadership just works to make a future Earth a better place for the 1%.

President Trump’s government environmental policies aren’t good. The only real way to fix the ecosphere is to have a strong national identity and self determination with Democracy taxing the rich enough to pay for secure borders and ecospheric rehabilitation. That can be done with either party. Presently neither party even recognizes what ecospheric economics are, nor have a clue about reforming capitalism. Democrats are trained to hate Christian, develop a Sodom and Gomorrah ethos and prep the world for the rich to inherit.