President Trump’s Hurricane Test

If President Trump has a blitzkrieg ready for relief from the mass disaster of Hurricane Florence Republicans may narrowly hold on to both houses of Congress. If the response is mundane, though defensible, the pathos and propaganda will kick Republicans in the gut.  FEMA should be ready for a global warming era mega-disaster even if it is only a normal one.

The Federal response to take the high ground on positive p.r. with a quality rapid reaction force to beat down suffering and loss, quick rebuild and etc should be overwhelming. The first lady should visit within ten days of the eyewall reaching the shore to provide a morale boost. Rope a dope just won’t work before election day. A Marciano knock out uppercut and left hook need impact the malaise across the region putting down for the count lack of coordinated response. Just waiting several rounds to let the opponent tire itself would let disaster stories multiply.