Pope Considers Letting Chinese Atheists Nominate Bishops

Allowing the Chinese authoritarian government, or any government for that matter, to nominate bishops for the Catholic Church is fairly crazy. It’s a giant step backward on the road to human freedom that would subvert whatever moral authority the Catholic Church has in the United States after the child molestation record of the past few decades. Reportedly the Catholic Church leader Pope Francis is considering the matter, yet one hopes that he will soon say that it isn’t so.

Churches are supposed to be of the city of God rather than of the city of man. Letting the evolutionist, liberal, secularian theological viewpoint promote itself further with Communist-approved loyalist bishops would be another substantial blot on the papal, record; the other being moral anemia in a leadership position on the homosexual marriage issue when it was a live grenade.


Catholic bishops become cardinals that elect popes. China has a large population and could potentially have a lot of communist bishops and cardinals becoming electors. One day the Catholic Church could have an atheist Chicom Pope if the Catholic church chooses to go after quantity instead of quality.

The Church should not conform itself to the world. If it loses truth in believing it can define it, what value has it then except to the secularian unprincipled? Peter said the saved do not sin and he was right. That is they are justified and have no legal accountability for sin even while their sanctification to be more Christ-like is a project continuing for the balance of their lives. To accept secularian doctrines like homosexuality and abortion enables the Church to deceive the masses and exacerbates the problem of sin. Bringing people into the Church with deceit is to effectually lie; and that is a sin in many cases too.