Diet Weaponized, Fully Automatic Food Dispenser

To be as fashionable as those commercials made on the south of France where they show the chic way to open brand new large size garbage bag boxes I thought I would write about the concept of automatic food dispensers used for weight control.

Actually I don’t know if they exist. The problem with dieting in the USA today is access to food without a planned diet and chef to prepare and serve the right quantities and quality of food. A new venture could produce a timed release, soy, dried beef, vegetables and fruit food dispenser for a balanced and tasty diet that would let consumers be free of concern about what or how much to eat for a month.

The automatic food dispenser should allow four meals a day and also have a liquid dispenser. One would be eating a variety of soy biscuits and compact dry goods of various sort; maybe there should be four or five channels for different kinds of food and each tube or lane working like a dispensing machines would dispense all breakfast food, lunch foods, dinner and snack at the same time. The liquid portion would contain a fruit and vegetable drink rather like a mix of carrot, apricot and celery juice.

We the People, defined as those that aren’t just purely rich and materialist lacking any sort of spiritual element, should be able to have a low cost, in-home fast food dispenser with a timed release of diets designed for people according to an ideal body height and weight chart, as well as kind of work activity and caloric intake requirement setting that is appropriate.

Those who are very poor and even hungry sometimes have a difficult time stretching whatever resources they have away from a front-loaded immediate consumption of fatty foods such as the excellent pig barbecue burgers at a dollar store and to the monthly non-panicky balanced diet, if one is lucky enough to have monthly resources. So the cost should be low and as efficient at delivery a healthy diet although lacking the savory sauce kind of experience, as well as heating up.

Not of course as exciting as a super-rich NFL game with vast left and right wing consumption patterns plus steak and nut6tional supplements or special excrement observers to make sure the diet of the players is working good, yet useful for those the people that remember what America was like before REM or the end of Radio Shack.