One Day the Ubiquitous Electric Lincoln?

Cadillac has some high performance models and some nearly compact coups yet Lincoln is something of a wonder. Why isn’t there a high performance all-electric compact Lincoln convertible with a platform designed to one day allow the batteries to be replaced with a hydrogen fuel cell and for now a high performance liquid or nitrogen cooled gaming computer?

In theory electric car platforms and component parts could be so simple that they are nearly snap-together utilizing pieces from various companies conformed to select industry standards- rather like building a computer at home from parts selected on the Internet.

In the not too distant future electric transport platforms could enter automobile races such as the Indianapolis 500 with self-driving A.I., win, then go to the supermarket to pick up a load of groceries and drop off the owner at home before driving itself to Home Depot to pick up a pallet of building material loaded by a self-driving and loading pallet, while recharging, and bring the building materials back to the future new hut of the home owner moving up to a full ten by ten dwelling from his rental.

The hut could be manufactured as a battery-in-itself coated with voltaic materials  able to recharge the electric vehicle, although with power lines being ubiquitous and the equivalent of being filled with gasoline, future recharging should be transparently easy.