Democrats Seek to Perfect Government Gridlock in Mid-Term

A Democrat Party win in November could achieve a perfected do-nothing except costly pork congressional transition to the dark side of the force. Republicans in theory are somewhat less immoral than Democrats hence they get the moral voter block, yet even with encouragement rising to chastising they too achieve little of solid value to the poor and middle class that is positive except of course in forestalling Democratic waves of demonic doom of individual civil rights subsuming individuals into the Borg of Democrat Party control.

Democrats controlling one or more houses of the legislature this fall while President Trump is in the White House of course would reject any effort to secure the border with a control barrier. Republicans haven’t delivered on that one simple promise either. Neither really want Americans to manufacture their own electric bikes or actually have an independent and secure manufacturing base, borders or ecosphere that is sustainable for generations. Both parties could be conflated into do nothing oneness that isn’t primarily for the benefit of globalists plutocrats and their depraved legions of doom following them like the most vile creatures of Mordor.