Vote for SCOTUS Now- Impeach Later if necessary

SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been accused by two women of sexual impropriety several decades ago. The accusations are last-minute kinds of things that accomplish Democrat Party objectives in a significant way; they hope to take over Congress in the mid-term November vote and stand to disapprove any conservative nominee. The nation should have a conservative justice and unless there is a legal reason why he shouldn’t be on the court, the vote should proceed.


Did Brett Kavanaugh do what Christine Ford and Mr. Kavanaugh’s Yale classmate; a Ms Ramirez, say he did? There is apparently no way to know right away. Plainly there isn’t a legal issue existing after all the time that has passed without a charge ever being filed, it is simply a political issue and one that any reasonable soul knows is a favorite of the Democrat Party this year. They are accusations that stimulate Me Too ire and wrath and work to help bring out the vote.


Brett Kavanaugh is the primary victim of the accusations that may or may not be true. If his nomination doesn’t go ahead the smears persist in public memory as if he was some kind of sex offender that escaped legal requirements to register wherever he chooses to live. If he is innocent that would make little difference for the public remembers the accusations rather than dismissals.


With months to make public accusations in a timely way the Democrats involved choose to wait until the timing would stop replacing Judge Kavanaugh before the next court session starts in October and the election occurs in November and that can’t be a coincidence. It may be a cold-blooded political calculation that should not be rewarded. Dr. Ford renegotiates her appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee more often than the parties of the Paris Peace talks regarding the size of the table. If she is so reluctant to testify she ought to be excused from testifying and the vote directly proceed.


Fortunately the constitution provides a remedy for the present problem. A Supreme Court Justice may be impeached and removed from office by the House and Senate comparable to the manner a President may be. The Kavanaugh vote should go ahead as he is a remarkably well qualified Judge with an otherwise impeccable reputation. Yet an investigation could go ahead too and if Judge Kavanaugh turns out to be worthy of being removed from the high court later, the legislature will have the power to do so. It should not be that the orderly execution of government is disrupted or corrupted by last minute unsupported accusations that serve to accomplish a political purpose. Ample opportunity from several sectors existed for a timely presentation of accusations about the Judge’s high school and college years. At least the issue is not as superfluous as the Harvard filled court hating to have a Yale man join them. Neither is it some kind of skull and bones frat collusion- probably.