Dark Energy Fields and Higgs Mass, etc

The dark field energy pushing or pulling the expansion of the space-time of the Universe is fairly remarkable as well as mysterious. It is an unknown X factor that even Chief Special Inspector Mueller is unlikely to be able to blame either the Russians or Tertullian for. It comprises more than 60% of the mass of the Universe (not normal mass that is 5% of the Universe or dark matter that comprises the rest).

The X energy (mass and energy are convertible) field  (one assumes it’s a field) may or may not contain the Higgs field (the Higgs field is wherefrom mass gets substance analogous to the way those loop flares starting from and returning to the surface of the sun get their substance from the sun). The Higgs field may be embedded within the X field, or in some way be an anti-field half of the X field. In fact it could be about anything in regard to relationship to the Higgs and is therefor fun to metaphysically speculate about.

Could God have issued the Higgs and X fields? Of course is my opinion. Are they possibly just existent in minds that exist within each field or the reverse; sure- why not.

A field exists between sources, or emanates from a source. If a field were rolled up tight, as before cosmic expansion, and had temperature then according to Boyle’s law it should lose heat as it expands and becomes more dispersed or diffuse. Yet if the field actually just unfolds it might keep the temperature though it takes up more spatial area in one sense, though it actually doesn’t take up more space in-itself than it had before expansion.

Fields are interesting to consider regardless of dimensions or strings than extrude from them like hair of the dog.