Kweer Kluk Klan, Feminists and Other Democrats/Corporatists After Trump

After the Trump administration U.S. politics are likely to continue particular long term trends that emerged before the end of the cold war. Feminists will continue to search for ways to attain class empowerment including uniting with cohort groups such as the emergent ad hoc Kweer Kook Klan preferring homosexual cultural hegemony and corporate elitist establishment minorities.

There are even deeper political and social trends that comprise cultural phenomena shaping contemporary politics including that of the traditional Christian effect on driving political structures together within imitative political-ecclesiastical structures reflecting the ancient Catholic Church hierarchy and globalism. During the dark ages Christian Church leadership was a European unifier bring together diverse pagan nation toward roiling Latinized post-western Roman Empire international currents.

European defenses and the inquisition in response primarily to the war on Europe by the expansive Moslem empire brought feudal and monarchial entities closer together. The Catholic Church brought imperialism through papal inspiration, Charlemagne and the Hapsburgs among others to dominance. The scholastic Latin ubiquitous as the lingua France and the rising European technological development driven in large part by necessary engineering of warring and transitioning states and political elites also led to the printing press, Protestant reformation and common language scholarship. Science that grew from the engineering needs of war and human curiosity expanded its knowledge base too.

In the post-Trump era the constitutional foundations of U.S. popular culture that arose well before mass media and the Internet will continue to decline in relation to the empowerment of subcultures that are subsidiary to the 1% of the richest Americans and globalists. Feminists and homosexuals will continue to seek political and economic domination and exploiting cheap immigrant labor for heavy lifting work. That is fine with the 1% who will look to import cheap foreign workers and export as much work to cheap foreign labor as possible. Passively reinforcing Kweer Klan and feminist alliances within the Democrat party will be down with an atheist immoral lifestyle while select internal and external Muslim groups will serve as the chastising, terrorist external and internal threats (in addition to the chauvinism of straight white males) useful for group cohesion and amplified by mass media.

China as a communist nation may, ironically, evolve into democracy while the west is evolving hierarchical oligarchy and global plutonomy. Communism was developed by the western economic philosopher Karl Marx who regarding an egalitarianism as preferable to aristocratic domination of the masses- as did the founders of the United States. While Mark had a completely crank physical theory of dialectical materialism instead of say, empiricism, the perception that hierarchical establishments are eventually oppressive was on the mark yet not at all original (i.e. Spartacus saw the same thing).

Chinese communism could evolve cells of democratic sub-units that allocate basic wealth requirements equally as a base for all individuals and that have access to state-owned capital for investment in start-up ventures that are given tax breaks and development priority as they score well on an objective production utility and ecological restoration scale. Capitalism requires reform to break up concentrated wealth and prevent its over-concentration, the masses require basic living and investing potential capital to enable creative work and meaningful lifestyles without be stuck in oppressive, broke penury, democracy needs protection and development counter-cyclical to the trends toward a new global aristocratic infrastructure and the ecosphere needs recovery through strict association with productive capitalism within a free enterprise-democratic criterion.