Lisa Murkowski Votes Again Against Republican Conservatives

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski- nominally a Republican yet actually a mercenary independent feminist voted against Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation proceeding to go a final vote on Saturday. The Alaska Senator who inherited the seat from her father and then won with a coalition of Democrats and Alaska natives, feminists and pork barrelists the seat in her own magic leftist moment has consistently voted against Republican party interests though a part of the Republican party.

The bad thing about not voting on an objective, rational legal basis in the Senate is that the irrational direction leads away from constitutionalism and for factionalism. factionalism reinforces aristocratic trends that are fine with feminist deathocrats and their symps such as Senator Murkowski. Law is law and factionalism isn’t. Civil rights that become defined through factional preferences eventually reduce to no rights at all. Dopey amoral citizens happy as subjects of the most rich aren’t synonymous with strong democrat interests of ordinary people.