Pope Francis Not Up to John Paul II’s Moral Standard?

Pope John Paul II was a moral leader. The present Pope mostly stands for moral ambiguity. He said about homosexual marriage; ‘who am I to judge’. Recently he signed off on letting the Chinese Communist Government nominate Bishops for that nation. That raises a few points of interest to non-Catholics and Catholics alike.

One. Will Alaska be allowed to nominate Bishops too, and of course the U.S. Government should have a few. Switzerland shouldn’t be rated below China by the Vatican and has a right for a Bishop or two from its cantons. I understand completely that the Pope would not want to let Canada nominate Bishops. I can’t say that I blame him for that. Russia though…

The Tsar used to appoint the head of the Orthodox Catholic Church so I suppose Vladimir Putin will demand appointing several Bishops to be on equal footing with the Chinese who have been given most favored nation bishops to nominate status. And don’t forget about Google and Ford; they might want a bishop or two.

What will the communist bishops think about homosexual marriage though? The Pope said reportedly that the church needs to change because of its pedophile priests that have cost millions and millions or even billions in damages to victims. If the church allows marriage as it has in prior historical times, it will probably allow homosexual marriage priests and return to the pedophile problem.

Yet as the Pope said; Who am I to Judge? In the Revelation Jesus said to the seven churches (paraphrase) to shape up or be cast out. God is already judging people. Catholic leaders are supposed to advocate what the Bible instructs as right behavior. Homosexuality isn’t o.k. It’s God’s judgment that is meaningful. Christians need to follow the rules.