Putin Erred in Sending AA Missiles to Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a tactical error in sending Russian S-300 air defense missiles to Syria. The Middle East doesn’t really need that kind of destabilizing missile presence. The United States doesn’t actually need to regard Russian threats to Israeli security as non-hostile. One wants to overlook Russia’s Syrian military activities that contribute to stabilization of the Syrian civil chaos when possible, and it usually is possible except when they are a threat to U.S. allies and U.S. military aircraft in the area. No one needs a possibility of a regional conflict between allies or larger powers in Syria or even Israel, and Russia shouldn’t seem to be anti-Israel or even against God.

 For Vladimir Putin to allow the Assad regime to have the tools to attack U.S. and/or Israeli aircraft just wasn’t a good idea. Letting Russian crews operate and perhaps shoot at U.S. and/or Israeli aircraft is even worse. Syrian security does not need S-300 missiles. In fact it undermines Syrian security to a limited extent as it increases awareness that the Assad government with Russian help could return to a status of being a danger to Israel and other nations. Then the moderate western support for a non-Sunni government in Syria might dry up.  People may suggest that more missiles be deployed in Europe along Russian borders to counter Russian air threats.

President Putin should seek for some way to let Israel and Syria work together and find solutions to troubling issues in such a way that gardening can return to the fore as possible activity for people interested more in peace than in military and terrorist activity. Russia has a Soviet past that brings an aura of evil to its Syrian activities that is reinforced with introduction of the wrong kind of weapons to an evil though understandable regime. If Russia chooses to be with the side of the lost and unsaved souls of Syria instead of national Israel, or or hopes for sympathy from the godless atheists co-anti-religionists of the west to work with the atheists of the former Soviet Union, that misdirected hope would not be worth a ruble