US Diplomacy With Russia Must Be Bad By Design

The United States has had fairly incompetent foreign policy management since Ronald Reagan realistically and the Trump administration is continuing the trend at least so far as Russia goes. Yes the U.S. could take out Russian cruise missiles that are being developed and Russia could just launch a few nukes on DC for the heck of it, perhaps inviting unlimited nuclear war. When U.S. foreign policy is consistently so daft as it is the need to end frustration with the royal demands of the U.S. regarding the Russian Crimea (for most of the last 250 years- longer than the U.S.A. has existed at least), might be understandable.

So one might consider the possible cleansing benefits of a limited nuclear exchange with maybe 75 million dead Americans and a similar number in Russia. Both political parties would end as would the leftist, homosexual leadership of Wall Street corporate censors. The nuclear fallout zones in Russia would stop Europeans from invading for decades so Russians would be free to grow potatoes in peace.

I am disgusted with Wall Street and Democrat Party leadership that prefers nuclear war threats even in order to lever parts of Russia away from Russia and to transform Russia into a nation of cock-suckers with homosexual marriage. The U.S. economy should lead to complete overhaul of capitalism with patents limited to three years and 10% royalties for inventors thereafter in order to allow a widespread general progress in pharmaceuticals from generic producers at low prices for everyone. The economy should stress ecological synthesis and corporate and tax breaks for infrastructure that restores instead of displacing ecosphere. The rich should be taxed enough to prevent the concentration of wealth and border security should be strong enough to prevent illegal immigration into the body politic that subverts democratic self-determination and is all good for cheap labor neo-slavers.

Nuclear war is stupid as is U.S. foreign policy regarding Russia. If there were any intelligent elements in either party neither party would support the daft force Russia to be a foe line into being though it is convenient for the patriotism ax the last refuge of the coward folks.