Redistributionism and Automation

The contemporary Democrat Party seems to be primarily one of feminists, homosexual, non-white and alien redistributionists dedicated to the impoverishment and downward social mobility of white American men. That divisive policy does allow simple race,gender and perversion political identity without a need for rational and efficient economic or environmental theory. It is also a policy that makes it easy to divide and conquer the electorate for the benefit of a national and global plutocracy.

Since the 1960s era political theoretical foundation of democrat Party redistributionism hasn’t had a need to change, and because its theoretical foundation is largely skin deep and against y chromosomes that aren’t queer or non-white, the more accurate and acute politics of the 1960s era Democratic Party has eroded and faded away. In fact the most recent democrat party U.S. President signed off on making vast Bush II tax cuts permanent when he need have only done nothing to let them expire.

Democrat Party leadership fundamentally seeks after its own enrichment and serves to destroy the class of white middle and working class men that kept the distance between the most rich and the working class within a visible distance rather than light years apart. The 1% have learned to use the broadcast media and identity politics to use the historically less advantaged voters to destroy the class that had kept the nation more or less working as a democracy with a modicum of egalitarianism. Between automation, redistribution of work opportunities, machines and illegal aliens for heavy lifting the opportunities for white men has been under withering attack for decades. Democrat Party redistributionists have played into the hands of the plutocracy and worked for redistribution of economic opportunities unto themselves from the previously solid white male working and middle class. A better policy would have been to develop economic plans that bettered the life standards of all citizens instead of a redistribution party membership.

The nation cannot stabilize its middle and working classes with a continuing influx of illegal workers by the hundreds of thousands or millions annually. Neither can it have a sustainable and reformed environmental economic policy with a radical trans-border outsourcing of jobs with simultaneous import of cheap foreign labor. Increasing taxes on the most rich to keep control of select parameters of national political economy within the hands of elected officials is requisite to retake control of and pay down the national public debt while assuring the all citizens are alright economically when the economic reform to sustainable ecological economic methods transitions into being a national article of faith.

U.S. politics is bout morality and economics. Environment should be non-partisan and any right-thinking, rational citizens should know that the human and national populations cannot increase without bringing a coefficient of ecological and species decrease to the point of mass extinction. Each party member ought to work to innovate sustainable production methods that fully employ all citizens that require or desire employment. In the modern national political economy citizen social philosophy should regard ordinary people as something like workers that should have optimized tools for productivity-even while unemployed.