Advice for 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates

The next President should present a clear 2020 vision to the country. He or she should make a list of ten realistic goals to accomplish in the first four years in office. The second term if any is often slop time with pork piles.

Ten goals may not sound like much, yet actually modern Presidents seldom seem to get even two or three done. A rule for the public is that if the candidate doesn’t have a list of realistic goals he or she won’t get much done besides deceit and Hollywood if elected. Who hires a contractor without knowing what they will do if paid?

The 2020 President needs to relate ecospheric restoration leadership to ordinary economic practices. The next president should continue moon construction to place scientists and engineers in the real off-world construction and building laboratory. The next president should use new infrastructure to upgrade the nation instead of using old infrastructure that would be patched over. That might mean eliminating cars and highways for electric vehicles-even hovercraft- drawing power from lines suspended above the ground.

The next President should completely secure the borders against illegal human traffic and regard the civil rights of all U.S. citizens as of paramount importance. There should be a national minimum income tied in to all existing entitlement structures including disability and unemployment insurance. There should be no dark pools where citizens are trapped in poverty for decades for whatever cause.

The minimum income structure should be tied into the employment structure and employers should be given preferences for hiring those out of work longest as well as creating businesses that restore the ecospheric vitality and reduce habitat loss of degradation of the atmosphere’s oxygen level.

The next president should transition public education into continuing free education with redesign of public pay and compensation for educators at all levels. Innovative support for college and post-graduate education might allow pay-per-student extra ad hoc independent education structures to supplement regular educator compensation for example.

Health care for all citizens including the transitive poor should exist. The V.A. hospital system should be upgraded and made to include existing and new clinics for the civilian poor around the United States. Very fast inter-urban and rural hypertubes should be built to allow the poor to travel to jobs and hospitals.

Adequate taxation on the most rich in order to prevent over-concentration of wealth and the inevitable repression of democratic self-determination that follows should be made to be in a new Congress. The nation should have an establishment for creating new business and manufacturing technologies following a complete democratization of the patent system that would make obtaining patents simple and uninhibited by substantive economic obstacles that benefit the rich with deep pockets.

The next president may choose to follow the racial, gender and perversion line of dividing and conquering the electorate in order to weasel in to enrich the rich and party elites that has worked so well in recent times. The best way to attempt to move away from the usual public corruption in high office would be to require that candidates actually enumerate ten goals and to let the public deliberate what they would accomplish if actualized, and of the chance that they could be actualized. Needless to say the public debt and annual deficits require rectification and it should not be the poor that bear the burden after decades of incompetent rule by the rich with those ineffective policies.


Jeff Sachs probably would be the best candidate Democrats could field, if he were interested. President Trump is likely to crush the usual all-pr, no real content candidate.

World Economic Forum from Cologny, Switzerland [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons