Love and Hate (poem)

Love and hate

like and dislike

light and darkness
starkly what is write
reciprocal descriptions of continua
weathering words coring storm front
occlusions of space-time precipitants
forming puddles and pools of thought-minders
Being and becoming
points and lines along time-strings
growing with disequilibiac composition
warping the mobius strip
farther dimensions grown from the string
a bell shaped light cone curvature
aesthetically hosting love an hate
inscribed like adjectives
upon the experience of time and space-mass
Love expropriated unto homogeneity’s falsehoods
where wormwood consumes itself like gossamer mad cows
jumping the lunar surface
so cratered with tendrils of tomorrow
building nerves in spaces of broken vertebrae
Love and words of polar attractions
hating the pain of pain
liking levity less than love though more
than leaving the past
in the depression of darkness
silent like dreams
where sound was the torture of extra-dimensions ripping through reality
the production of completion of a stage
Hate the darkness that kills
hate the light that drills tiny lased holes
through life-proliferating
thoughtlessly unfeeling temporality
pain and love
opposites like hand and glove
charged particles in fields
creation’s web through saline conjunctions
resolving ideas of enterprises
origin of theories
sailing time lines hove to
zero point virtuosity
improbable appearance at one of every when
where being isn’t nothingness next to the house
beside the dimensions locked
tight like artifacts wearing away
one substantial element
configured in every way
stacks of fields
polarized filters of existence
sharing zero point particles
trans-dimensionally balancing
acts like drawn swords
mooring fords of constructions
space-times Universes loved and hated
hungry and sated
destiny of end-point virtual particles
adhering to moving ships.