Slick Northern Federal River Roads

The federal government has title to navigable waterways of the U.S.A. including Alaska. Modern transportation methods have transformed virtually any moderately level riverbed into an avenue of commerce. Hovercraft can travel over dry and frozen waterways- even drone hovercraft transporting supplies- to remote locations. Surface effect craft moving above the riverbed can journey at high speed. Power lines strong out from lamp-posts set in the middle of interstate margins can charge drone and passenger electric vehicles alike. The potential for using northern rivers and shorelines for commercial highway travel is great. It would be a new adaptation though, and bureaucracies aren’t terribly adaptable, as they prefer to continue the way things are (i.e. the Cold War v 2.0 with Russia) rather than adaptively change for the positive.

Plainly adaptive transportation technologies could work in southern regions too. All of the solar power for charging reduces potential development costs for new infrastructure to replace the blacktop-fossil fuel axis of global warming evil. Asphalt exists for durable load bearing of heavy platforms, and with hovercraft that need disappears. Grassy lawns could replace asphalt when hovercraft can draw electric power from overhead power lines. Hot cities such as Phoenix could lower their average temperatures in proportion to the removal of asphalt and replacement with grass. Heavy load vehicles could move through Musk hyper-tubes or some other means of very quick conveyance to local depots for drone delivery.