The Thickening Plot of the Thickenblogger Voltaic (fiction)

A thick-lipped feminine executive strode from the glass office box with a grim face and a plan to spread hecho along the Mexican border. Charmin Thickenblogger’s thick lips weren’t typical of uber executive agents of status quotes. With a bit of Chinese sanctions good fortune Mexico would experience a tenfold increase in solar voltaic thin film panel production naking export to the United States uc-king successful. Clutching her thick portfolio tightly under her arm as if it were a costly Crassgrill purse Charmin Thickenblogger crossed the tile plaza with a staccato tlikiti tlak rhythmic tap of her pointy heels that reminded her of the incessant mechanical hum of deep diesel power. A strong wind from the river drove the flags up flapping her bright pleated skirt along with it. Though Thickenblogger had thick, sensuous and enigmatic lips often framing shining teeth of an actress’ smile, now her thick lips were drawn back a lizard style bringing her to resemble a ravenous synthetic coyote-wold hybrid predator. She was determined to terminate thin lipped supremacists dominating the commercial dance of change driving it down into a pasty pudding of inferior product wrapped in glossy plastic white spread racist sophistry. The world had too little time remaining on the melting glacial ecological clock for seminal cultural special interest wars to assert personal egotism class priorities over the common good of mankind and its prospect for survival on Earth.

Charmin caught a taxi to the Borneo lunch bar. She exited the taxi on 32nd Avenue and stepped into the fashionable Bonecrusher Cafe taking her usual table where she could view crotches entering though the double door.

Charmin removed a packet of meta-thick plans from the portfolio and took two clear viles from it, setting them down on the table top. With practiced precision she poured one vile of thin liquid electronic syrup into a rectangle then took the other; a thickening agent, and poured it onto the first causing a chain reaction formation of a digital data communications device in a few seconds.

Charmin read the status of plans he’d set in motion. Thick intelligence lines informed her that thin resistance with thick dispersants were maleffecting the border regions body politic to vote toward fossil fuel economics and develop biases lines against solar voltaic tax incentives. Broadcast public relations had thickened thinning forces and overcoming with anti-hecho speech articulations of her designs to hecho merchants south of the border. Thin lipped rivals had kilned for repression of thicker plans. If they only knew the real solar voltaic hecho plans….

Charmin ordered a thick vegetable beef soup with spicy meatballs. She ordered the thin phone to expand to ultra thick and multi-task a new coordinated hecho political directive that would retake the political high ground seized by national public relations that were sedulously, thickly anti-nationalist. A thick politics diamond level channel had the President speaking. The President was addressing the problem of thin political coverage of global warming driven tidal surges drowning Alaska coastal villages along the Beaufort Sea and the political need to thicken American villages with endangered villages relocated to monolithic concrete domes on higher ground.

The President’s C.I.A. Chief provided a redacted report to the President already leaked in full to the broadcast media. The President scanned the report and said;

My fellow great Americans I am feeling great today and you should be too. Even so the shit is getting thick. Unlimited collusion has unleashed a designer micro virus brain thinner that liquefies and purges the susceptible brain from the skull housing unit. Thin brain syndrome has occurred in areas with high doper concentrations of California, Massachusetts and along the Mexico-U. S. border. Re-thickening thinned brains at this time is not possible. Once brain thinning syndrome sets in there is nothing that can be done about it except to place several rolls of paper towels around the victim and step away a few miles. Be sure to call authorities.”

Charmin ordered the phone to mute and dug into the soup when it was placed before her. She gave a thin smile with her thick lips as best she could to the waiter, who was acting at being a manly yet insouciant waiter inspired as he was by Jean Paul Sartre’s section from Being and Nothingness on the topic of acting at being a waiter. The soup was luscious and she hungrily set it aside after a few spoonfuls knowing that discipline thinned is no discipline at all. She intentionally allowed the soup to cool without so much as a cracker tossed in or even a piece of shredded cheese. The aroma to some would be intoxicating yet for Charmin it was a test of thickness of mind over thin skin and olfactory resistance.

She flipped comm to the NN station. Their news reader; a Mark 15 syntherbot droned, “Progressive hecho speech thinning operations are proceeding throughout distal thickets of resistance to Global Corporate Univision. Political hecho speech thick content has dropped to fewer than 5% nation-wide. There have been no reports of outbreaks of thick speech in opposition to Global Corporate Univision since containment of the thick blog bulge wildfires that were found growing in a dark area of the Internet. Happy speech now is 95% of the nation’s speech content and approval ratings are greater than 100%!”

Charmin turned a jaundiced eye away from the VDT and put a privacy bag over her head.

Tightening the bag’s attachment loop it inflated with a thickening infusion of thin gel into a round shape. The privacy bag had air filtration and purification with a 360 degree peripheral selection of visual display of the exterior and of Internet selections in whatever form she directed. Privacy bags had become ubiquitous on urban streets when technology advanced to a stage where they could also serve as impact defense and security helmets. Charmin had optional laser beam weapon and retinal blinding flash device added to hers because of the need for added security in the sudden transitions to dark alleyways and smoky back rooms that she occasionally encountered. With the bag actualized over her head she took leave of the Bonecrusher Cafe snapping the comm device into a mating space on her shape altering intelligent torso bra as she exited through the doors into late afternoon sunlight.

While Charmin Thickenblogger strolled down 32nd Avenue amidst thousands of office workers wearing security bags configured in whatever shape they desired- outwardly hers was an aquarium for-others with a large goldfish swimming around it- a few hundred miles away the director of the Colonel Von Od Man Nixon Healthcare Phase Two Update- the delirium dancer Sigor Safah from the Bookings Institute, ordered commencement of the Ocean Metals Transformation.

The Metals Transformation project was a covert project sponsored by the Love is Us Consortium for Proprietary Verdance and others that supported conversion of the worlds ocean into nano stew.

Colonel Von Od Man Nixon’s original ocean conversion formula discovered by Sigor Safah was to enable the world ocean to transform into a nano stew that could capture atmospheric carbon and render it hard carbon while making the ocean int metallic oxygen and hydrogen under intense nano-particle pressure. The elasticity of the metals would enable a carefully measured tortioned stretch under the gravity of the lunar pull to wind up a vast right-wing dynamo each day that would release a nearly never ending cascade of electronic energy for the elite battery bank businesses of those that owned old Europe. It was thus imperative that Director Safah stop Charmin Thickenblogger’s attempt to produce billions of cheap solar panels in Mexico for export under the new NAFTA policies to the American heartland. He order his warrior of the White Spread Thin leader Cannae Baal Spear to take locate and take down the Noist Operative Charmin Thickenblogger.

Charmin Thickenblogger was a Naoist only from a particular point of view for-others. For-herself she was a business woman working an economic revival of the moribund American Southwest that was over-run with Democrat slum policies of sprawl and asphalt laying for absorption of heat. Cash for clunkers invented by the second Bush administration was a model for Democratic Presidential and Congressional leadership that had become too entrench. It drove Americans to bag their own heads in security containers f to enable themselves to breathe freely and tune out from the mass herd o the other side of the bag. She noticed that the thickly congested street was thinning from a random dispersal cull of drone spears and whirring blades searching for and destroying those holding losing lottery tickets.

The metropolis of New Thiensville’s sidewalks were beautifully star studded jeweled thick and anti-skid tweaked during daylight hours. After dusk thinning crept in to liquefy the nanom matter composition converting the thickly solid reliability of art to running streams of death where swam mechanical carnivore tuna hunting for hapless human prey that had disregarded the warning texts appearing in the sidewalks before dusk. Charmin new too well of the dangerous that lurked within solid appearing objects and infrastructure and had timed her foray into the Borneo district such that she was enabled to arrive at the door of 17 Dinge Street off 32nd Avenue at dusk. A lip reader in the door measured her thick lips and matched them to a record of trustworthy lips. Charmin deflated her face bag when the green door opened and she stepped inside.

The Philosopher’s Book Synchronization was a small store lined with books with a concrete table set in the center. It was covered with a large illuminated chess board with pieces moving themselves synced with some meaningful chess game that the proprietor Julian Sync chose to follow. Sync was looking at an art book of solar voltaic building exteriors set upon concrete dome homes and business buildings in re-greening cities that would move away from the rectilinear street patterns and stick frame building patterns developed in comparative historical innocence in isolation from other cities on yet when scaled up and concatenated globally entirely displaced the ecosphere becoming exclusive occupying antagonists at war with life on earth. Human beings socially simply weren’t too able to consider mass effects rather than individual convenience of their tool kit for living.

Charmin sat down at a bench at the chess table and looked over to Julian and said; “Hello Julian. You are still thinking about the new aesthetic voltaic infrastructure project?”

Of course Charmin. Glad you could make it. What you might be interested in is a roster of thick speech versus thin speech political opinions among well known philosopher in history who if writing and publishing today probably would be unknown buried deep in negative search engine listings made to conceal their work from public searches.”

Sure Julian. That’s interesting. My ancestor was an associate Professor named Ronald blogger who became a linguistic research for the well known philosopher from Sprawl who published a thesis on thick speech amongst historical philosophers and the efforts of Internet political controllers to thin it down and eventually demote it to dark pool search dungeons.”

Charmin consider this listing of Marx’s dialectical materialism and the primary error of Karl Marx in assuming that external economic forces were personifications of interacting economic fronts with intelligent parties behind them. Force A would encounter and clash with subsequent force B synthetically conjugating and creating the new economic class-force C. Marx mis-underestimated the ignorance and outright stupidity of economic classes. During and after the clashes they might regress or digress to any form; for instance capitalism and socialists clashing might yield imperialism. There is no inevitability of forward progress when the stupid clash with sycophantic class war. Anti-thick protests receiving support from manipulative elites have even obfuscated the elements of the clash and brought electorates to support ancillary movements such as sexual perversions, abortions and liberation from reliance on millions and millions of ground up cattle for employee cafeteria lunchrooms, when the real issue was about economic control of the masses in-themselves for-others that were the elites. In short, Marxian dialectical materialism would be better described as the clash of dumb and dumber forces generating through smoke, mirrors and artificial reality anything whatsoever that survivors had the ability to structure.”

If that is so Julian, what about other philosophers that wrote ideas that were taken by others to be thick speech that required dissolvants unto nihilist degree? Was Hegel’s Phenomenology of Mind a thick speech manifesto while Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason was thick speech veiled in artificial thin speech so well that none could comprehend that within the thinness of the Critique thickness was found beyond illusory limits to the a priori embedded within synthetic a priori judgments? An what about Einstein’s General relativity criterion wherein thickness or thinness of spacetime and political speech are contingent upon the point of view of the observer? Can thickness and thinness really be objective and subjective at the same space-time or must one or the other be illusory?”

Charmin my girl, the Marxian clash dialectic offers us a perspective upon the problem of dumb material thick and thin criteria while an observer journeys through inertial reference frames of opinion making. It provides something and nothing to comment on. For example Nietzsche offered thick speech as did Schopenhauer. Materialism is viewed relativistically, exclusively, while spiritual insight alone can transcend that paradigm.”

So I believe the mono-polar political speech perspective of a homo-culture regards fluid proprietary lexicon word units as the acceptable ocean of existence and divergent or non-convergent speech as thick speech to be deleted like a cancer? All non-conformist speech is hate speech while the insider repressor colonial language is love speech?”

Yes Charmin. The sweet polecat language of political love is one-sided colonial use-truth self-relativity of the alpha elite. Evolution theory for instance has evolved to political thickness so far as to ossified. Political ossification allows dialectical followers to assert their power irrationally with the overweening power of the religious premise arming them. Evolution may or may not be true, yet its truth isn’t transcendent and is encapsulated within brackets surrounded by meta-brackets and hyper-dimensional parenthetical possibilities. A evolutionary epoch derived even from a particular energy source such as theoretical zero-point energy appearances of virtual particles that are sum-over-histories locations in space-time of relativistic temporal exstasis of pre-determined particle-wave energy packets

is nothing more than an epiphenomenal being amidst nothingness and infinite possible theistic and determined categories.”

In other words Julian, thin speech cannot encompass all thick headed theories and vice versa. There isn’t a finite set of criteria to encompass the thickness of evolution that is self-defining and exo-relativistic.”