(Y)U.K. Exit From EU Nearly Done

Just one parliamentary vote remains for the UK to kill its homosexual marriage with the EU. England is the world leader at homosexual hegemony and converted France and Spain to homosexual union with its royal imperial persuasiveness. France will stand alone as the EU homo leader role mode, with all the frill and frippery that follow following the final Brexit vote.

A few key questions remain unanswered before the homo marriage is laid to rest. Will France and Germany look to Turkey for a new partner in moral decay? Will English cordon insanitare barriers around nations with obvious majorities of belief in God still be effective social and economic tools for the conversion of nations to Godless atheism? Can leftist organs abroad (ie NPR) receive insemination from British evolutionary atheist powers of satanic theology to transform Christian beliefs into atheistic legalism rendering sin to mean that which misses the mark of evolutionary atheism and furry beasts of broadcast?


As the imperial (Y)UK forces look with economic horniness to new partners for succor to assert the royal powers of supremacy Australia might be concerned about the new attention. The Philippine President has moved toward China for tender economic and moral ministrations- and not a bad choice considering the Chinese don’t care much for Muslims in their nation, yet the moral rot of communism is now the moral rot of the EU and the YUK; each share the mindless philosophical wall of personal egoism (spread in myriad ways for communists) and parameters of evolution sans spirit as the absolute reality of matter. Communism and imperialism appear to be the two best like approaches to sharing the material world of non-spirit and its dark, dank, desertification of philosophical and rational thought that is delimited by ignorance.


Evolution paradigm is just one chop-logic parameter of an infinite set of infinite sets of possible constructions for being and non-being, any might be encapsulated within space-time and dimensions-for-others. Spirit transcends the boundaries of matter, energy and time. Yet the godless atheist wave has no moral or civil boundaries at all that matter. Its primary sin is in failing to comprehend that all of life has structure and boundaries through which space-time flows.


Speculation about the role of the new world order plans in regard to Brexit may run along the lines of developing atheist pincers front to squeeze Muslims between the EU and China with England (YUK) bailing out from the action early in order to better independently associate with forces and evil elements assaulting western hemisphere resistance to full, thick evolutionary -only indoctrination.


Atheist religious indoctrination of evolution requires no Christian awareness of original sin as innate thermodynamic urges toward predation. The homosexual agenda political serves to organically attack any resistance globally to sin. The most pure sin is of course violence.


Evolutionary genetic theorists may utilize the CRISPR gene splicing technology to implant a generation of homosexuals and halt human reproduction except for imperial and select elite line that would render the Earth suitable for royals only served by automatons in a verdant, peaceful world (sic).


Yet theoretical lines of YUK’s termination of its relationship with the EU include the necessary possibility of a Muslim-Atheist actualization of the prophesied cataclysm at the end of the age of the Gentiles. A Muslim-Atheist Ragnarök would leave Christians as mere observers from within the Kingdom of God of the war between Muslims of the Middle Empire with Atheist empires on their eastern and Western flanks. Christians I should note have pre-tribbers with an incorrect belief in Ragnarök too, yet they are likely to be marginalized and subsumed by atheistic legalism and government broadcast deceit into oblivion before the final battle of Atheists and Muslims winds up.