Its OK to Talk About Issuing a Pardon to Manafort

No; not at all. A President cannot wear blinders about reality. He, she or a combination of either or none may issue pardons lawfully. Bill and Hillary might benefit from that a priori in case they are convicted of anything.

President Trump would need to actually obstruct something- overturning trash cans in the path of hounds pursuing Paul Manafort for example, to obstruct justice officials. Saying that he may issue pardons to his former contract workers still allows justice officials to arrest, try and possibly convict those persons of interest they desire to roast over flaming faggots of interrogation upon the rotisseries of justice.

Some might say that the prospect of a pardon might provide a motivation for a captive of the Democrat Party inquisition to remain silent and not spill his, her, or a combination of both or neither, guts. Yet that is neither here nor there, for that is just too vague and amorphous and outside the scope of the inquisition of juridical machinations.

Consider that when the Apostle Paul was arrested for casting demons out of a nagging woman seer following them around several days saying (truthfully) that he was a servant of the highest God, he broke a Roman law that banned worshiping strange gods without approval from Rome. Yet as is pointed out well enough in the article referenced below the primary reason for Paul’s arrest was that he had financially harmed the seer’s handler’s who had profited from her demonic abilities to inform the public with mysterious insights that was lost after the exorcism.

Why Did Paul Get Arrested at Philippi and What Should We Learn From It? – Community in Mission

President Trump isn’t a Caesar whom must be worshiped. The Democrat Party and late night comedians actually hate the President and want a demon-filled, spaced out President who will flood the nation with illegal aliens, dope and sexual depravity or something like that. It may be true that scientists have inferred that the largest mass extinction event in world history that occurred 250 million years ago when the oceans overheated and lost oxygen content in addition to several other problems following the Siberian mass volcanic events that lasted for decades making diamonds that some on Wall Street might like to expropriate the Myrny diamond pipes starting with Ukraine and annexing land north and eastward, however no Democrat President has the slightest competence for reforming national economics into a sustainable ecological infrastructure creating profit and security for all U..S. citizens. President Trump apparently believes the private sector should lead in fighting global warming instead of government. Considering how badly the U.S. government is at working its own budget, he is possibly right.