Former Senators Warn About Democracy in Danger

I don’t like to be critical of the use of language by others. Yet U.S. Senators are supposed to have some element of quality in their speech and thought. I have regarded Senator Thune as being erudite enough. His former Senate colleagues seem unable to say anything directly at all with any sort of clarity however. They collectively warned of the peril to democracy that may follow the Mueller Investigation without actually saying anything.

Consider this quote from their news release; “It is a time, like other critical junctures in our history, when our nation must engage at every level with strategic precision and the hand of both the president and the Senate. We are at an inflection point in which the foundational principles of our democracy and our national security interests are at stake, and the rule of law and the ability of our institutions to function freely and independently must be upheld.”

The U.S. government is well known to use strategic precision liberally applied. That worked in Iraq and in Obamacare for recent examples. President G.W. Bush’s cash for clunkers was another precise strategy. American politicians are veritable surgeons at balancing budgets precisely.

Apparently the people are being warned that we are at an inflection point, for one thing. American has many veterans of inflection point battles and can deal with that. Sometimes napalm was used to get the right inflection, and at other time indirect fire. Of course I know that napalm isn’t direct fire in the form of bullets- merely fire in the form of fire.

Secondly, besides emergent inflection, foundational principles are at stake. That is principles of foundation; the foundation that occurred more than several two score and two hundred years ago. Those principles of foundation such as homo marriage are at stake. So is dope using and the right of foreigners to enter the nation illegally and for the broadcast media to dominate propaganda for the benefit of concentrated wealthy owners.

Foundationals include…

1) Concentrated wealth

2) Broadcast media

3) Illegal entry by foreigners as they will (there were only a quarter of a billion migrants in the world last year so its no big deal)

4) Homosexual marriage

5) Legal dope smokin

7) The right to use large nutcrackers on partial birth abortions

8) The right to make up reasons for wars with baloney yet official principals of foundational arguments ie Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and maybe a Nuke Russia and Take Back Crimea Resolution.

These high principals are in danger of experiencing a setback of President Trump is allowed to continue instead of Hillary Clinton who could be appointed Special Envoy Adviser to France and England or something to keep her busy because she could probably fix those nations and their weirdo parliaments right away).

President Trump has principal foundationals that could also be undermined by the Mueller Probe including…

1) Getting rid of air quality control and child labor laws

2) Expanding offshore drilling wherever there are good beaches except near Marrow of Lardo Key

3) Eliminating taxes on the rich and making pay as you go user taxes on people breathing air or buying food

4) Putting more sawdust filler back in school lunch green meat treats

5) Requiring citizens to watch NFL football or report to reeducation camps.

6) Eliminating biological life as a threat to reduction of building maintenance costs

Probably the main bi-partisan threat is their support for corporatism and the concentration of wealth with globalism making peons of us all. They don’t know what corporatism is though.