Reds Bite Rotten Apple and Hate Christians

Though the Communist Chinese government has banned Apple from import or selling a couple of models of phones that may have infringed on Qualcom patents, the Apple Corp has general been welcomed as sympatico atheist, godless materialists. Apple manufactures phones for export to the United States from the communist enclaves for foreign business.

The Chinese Government arrests protestant Christians while welcoming Apple. Apple of course has no problem with that and is mute on the matter being consistent with the basic corporatist policy of neutering political speech and language. Corporatism- a political philosophy developed by the fascist Dictator Mussolini is antipathetic with state media propaganda control of free speech, religious freedom and so forth. The official Nazi Church wasn’t much different from the official Communist approved Church of China expect maybe it was a little more liberal.

The Communists of China should support free Christian churches as a better way to modernize and upgrade the evolution of socialism in that nation. It wouldn’t be a Marxist approach obviously, yet godless atheism and the mechanical society of repressed drone workers in a great hive of secular oblivion hasn’t worked out well. It resembles an advanced corporatist-ruled state , and that future of one world government will lead to civil war and megadeath like as not.