Smockocrats Don’t Want Border Security

The reason why Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi can’t compromise and keep the government open through Christmas may just be that they prefer illegal immigration and all of the dope things that brings over national physical security.

A border wall is just a natural evolutionary response to an issue that has been written about for more than a half century; that of southern peoples migrating north as world demographics and sundry motivations urge travel to easier pickings. More than a quarter of a billion people migrated to other nations last year, mostly for financial reasons, and that sort of thing reinforces cheap exploitable capitalism that exploits the ecosphere while creating social strife. The right response is to make second and or third world nations livable with projects such as the UN Millennium project for Africa.

Modern transportation and communication support mass illegal and illicit nation-busting traffic. The U.S. Democratic Party simply isn’t serious about governance (except for a move toward Stalinist Soviet Communism with the rich being the Communist Party elites) of the nation with security or development of rational responses to the external challenges presented in the contemporary world political and social environment.

President Trump should offer the Smockocrats a border wall proposal that has it covered with solar panels along with a plan to invest a couple of billion dollars in central American nations for economic development along green sustainable lines and establishment of Universal small arms home and neighborhood defense training; basic pistol marksmanship, a supply of small arms for each nation and training in organizing neighborhood militia. Those nations should be like the Swiss with a gun in every home so the people can combat drug and criminal gangs for-themselves.