NFL QBs Must Have Pass Completion Rate Above 60%

Much has been said about why Colin Kaepernick isn’t playing in the NFL. He is supposed to be a victim of racism, yet in fact he is a bootleg quarterback with a low passing completion percentage.  Cam Newton, Chad Henne, Blake Bortles and Matt Cassel are the few recently employed NFL quarterbacks with a lower rating.

On the list at the website above Colin Kaepernick has a 59.5 completion percent and that is good enough to put him in 47th place among all-time QBs. Peyton Manning has a 65% rating and Drew Brees the highest at 67%.

If one looks at modern quarterbacks one finds that all of the starters have 60% or better and just one or two marginal QBs carry a 59% and still play. Since Kaepernick isn’t a drop back passer and just as a running threat was able to get his completion rate as high as 59.5% its easy to understand why NFL teams don’t want to risk  playing a quarterback who nearly guarantees empty seats for boycotts. Colin Kaepernck uses games as political platforms and understandably people are concerned more with making a profit. At age 31 running quarterbacks tend to slow down and develop fumblelitas in the hands from all the hits.

Quarterback passer rating have been going up since the 1950s when the best quarterbacks were lucky to rate higher than 50% on completions. Maybe the artificial turf helps, maybe its the receivers with sticky fingers. The 2018 completion stats are rather amazing; Drew Brees leads at 75%!  The top 19 are all above 65%!

NFL tickets at the most cheap run from $10 (If I went to an NFL game I would get one of those) to $200-$300. Apparently team owners actually care if they sell out stadiums for revenue’s sake.