Turkey Plans Murderous Mission to Deplete Kurds from Syria

Turkey is a N.A.T.O. member state that intends to war against solid U.S. Kurdish allies in Northern Syria. Kurds have been serious warriors fighting in battles that usually ditto U.S.  regional Middle East interests. For the Trump administration to let Turkey go ahead and attack and kill U.S. allies would be a substantial error and breach of trust in the United States once again.


Sect. of State Pompeo is blustering about Russians and Iranians as well as Venezuelans to the best of his ability while the Senate goaded on by the broadcast media over the killing by Saudi’s of a liberal revolutionary Washington Post journalist in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey, plans to vote on some kind of alienation of U.S. Saudi alliance or support in the war against Shi-ite revolutionaries in Yemen (if  have that right).


So briefly considered; the U.S. Government wants to

1) let the only Muslim member of N.A.T.O. kill our best non-Israeli friends in the Middle East

2) Increase adverse relations with Iran

3) Develop adverse relations with Saudi Arabia

4) Oppose in effect Shi-ite support for Syria’s Alawite Government and Christians

5) Develop more than a few dozen or hundred Sunni rebels to fight against Damascus and Assad

6) Sell ten thousand clown cars to the Saudi Government

7) Complain about two Russian bombers landing in Venezuela after the U.S. flew aircraft over Ukraine recently to warn Russians about possible military support for the Ukraine anti-Russian forces

8) Oppose Iranian missile development that if sanctioned enough could stimulate Russian-Iran joint missile development

I think there are a few more issues yet that’s enough for now. The approach of just negativism works about as well as polyannish unrealism. I guess President Reagan’s constructive engagement policy works better and should at least be tried with Central America.

Mexico pledged to provide 30 billion dollars in financial aid to Central America. Meanwhile the caravans of aliens seeking to illegally invade the U.S.A. from Mexico are demanding $50,000 each from the Trump administration or they will continue to seek to force their way in. Plainly those making financial demands have little or no regard for U.S. security and know the broadcast media and left-o-crats are on their side.

Turkey should try to share real estate with Kurds. Kurds not having a safe homeland is the problem. Realpolitick would develop a lasting Kurdish state Amidst Syria, Turkey and Iraq with some land from each. Maybe Turkey could create a Kurdish state at least equal to the Iraqi state and permit free travel around so it works like a nation.

Not much to say about it. I guess IQ points are generally lacking in government