Twentieth Century Brit Empire War Capabilities and Zionist Victims

This was my reply to a question about Britain winning the First and Second world wars without U.S. help.   The British Empire continued many wars without the United States being involved. Probably they would have lost the First and Second world wars without U.S. intervention.

Crown Prince Rupprecht finally did accomplish a German breakout in the First world war. The Germans advanced as far as 250 miles into France before the Germans just ran out of men. American reinforcements supplied new blood to Brits and the war against Germany and Turkey, hence the war concluded with an armistice that Patton knew to be a mistake. Some German veterans including Hitler felt they were cheated and could have won without the pacific political settlement. Some were eager for a rematch. Patton wanted to fight until unconditional surrender. The deposed German aristocrats also sought a new way to take social control so they reinforced Hitler and the rise of Corporatism. The supply side deficit financed reichonomics expanded rapidly and needed new land to repay or erase debt. Maybe erasing lenders was part of the plan too.

It is interesting that Hitler and some reichonomic theorists continued the policy of aristocrats of taking Russian land such as much of the Ukraine through military victory and leverage of communist revolutionaries such as V.I. Lenin who sought at least neutrality from the German aristocrats. Hitler later launched operation Barbarossa to claim the remainder of Russia.

Hitler had believed that Jews in German were political enemies. Jews in the beginning of the 20th century were seeking some place in Europe perhaps for a homeland to call their own. The restive and historically exploited populace without a homeland were landless Zionists and internationalists. Being intelligent some became political leaders and were blamed by Hitler for the crimes of lending money I would think, as well as supporting rebellion against the German aristocracy leading to the German revolution just before the end of the First world war.

 The brilliant Soviet communist revolutionary writer Leon Bronstein also known as Trotsky  was Jewish. Jews were easily blamed by Nazi socialists for creating the Soviet Union as well as ending German aristocracy. Jewish Zionist goals were not monolithic. As nationally homeless people too often victimized by pograms some perhaps were susceptable to siren calls of socialist utopias.

When the 3rd Reich purged all the counter-German nationalists in Europe they could during the 2nd world war, that led the U.S. and other allied governments to support the Zionist desire to restore the Jewish national state of Israel helping to end the problem of unsettled people being restive and simultaneously scapegoat victims.

It is good to settle political differences without violence or force. Yet in the first part of the 20th century humans hardly knew any other way in macro-politics.