First Use of ‘Lackey’ in News Headline Since End of Cold War

Finally an independent opinion has arisen noting that Canada is a lackey of the U.S.A. Russia’s RT news wrote that  Canada is an American lackey. America lacks colonies yet it may have a lackey equivalent of a Facebook follower. So far as I know this is the first media use of the term lackey since the end of the Cold War so history is being made.

Canada arrested someone named  Meng Wanzhou. China is arresting Canadians as hostages to secure the release of Meng who I believe is being extradited to face charges in the US. Supposedly she coordinated sanctions violations and sold product to Iran that was American.

Huawei is larger than Apple and second only to Samsung in making smartphones. Their 5G products may be directly used for Red Army espionage, or some other intelligence agency.

Canada seemed to want to be independent during the recent NAFTA renegotiation and Trudeau had a rather piffy attitude now and then. Yet as an American lackey he did not complain when American motor plants were closed recently because prospects for building in China down the road may be better than Canada that pollutes rivers with mining tailings piles’ wastewater.

Probably RT has shamed Canada enough now to make them reconcile with Russia over Ukraine and seek better relations with China as their lackey, leaving lackeyhood with the U.S.A. It is important to anticipate or at least keep track of the primary nations of interest. Saudi Arabia didn’t accuse Canada of being anyone’s lackey. Maybe that isn’t an Arabian concept.