NRA Duped By Russian Pro Collusionists into Conservatism

Evidently the National Rifle Association was the unwitting dupe of a femme fatale Russian spy and community conspiracy organizing agent trying to persuade the National Rifle Association- quite unfairly- to vote for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton as they might normally have done.

President Trump’s former fixer-lawyer plead guilty to throwing the election to Donald by paying two former alleged sex partners of the President as well as the National Enquirer to not publicize the salacious alleged sex. Normally Donald Trump wouldn’t care if women and the national scandal sheets told the planet about his sexual adventures. House Speaker to be Nancy Pelosi recently questioned Donald Trump’s manhood publicly suggesting that he wanted a big wall to compensate for his genetic endowments. Plainly the President prefers the former sort of publicity rather than the latter

Speaker Pelosi might want the world to believe California is wide-spread and waiting for illegal immigrants. She might agree that those seeking asylum in Caravans should be given $50,000 apiece as they demand to return to Central America or else they will continue to agitate for asylum and discover ways to slip through holes in security to California.

The collusion of Russia to get President Trump elected apparently went so far as to promise to base Russian nuclear-capable bombers in Venezuela to help out the President if he nears impeachment. The American public is so gullible to foreign election interference that they cannot be trusted and in the future Democrats may need to rule by decree or at least special electors to vote as Demo leaders know Americans would vote if they had any sense.