Obama’s Director James Comey Still Hostile to the President

Former F.B.I. Director James Comes Comey continues to show his hostility to the President that apparently began during his tenure in office. He had F.B.I. Employees working for him that were hostile too, and his record does appear biased in favor of the Democrat party. His most recent hostile act was to call the President a liar for a Presidential tweet saying euphemistically that government agents broke in to his former private attorney’s office to take his confidential records. The language is euphemistic yet descriptive of the fact. It was true describing an aggressive, hostile action and not a lie. It was a lawful forced entry that was a break in from the victim’s point of view…that is the entry and plundering was not done with the consent of the victim. Citizens don’t want such events to become so common that the nation need begin a ‘me too’ movement describing government break ins to their personal attorney offices.

The President probably is smart enough to know that a legal warrant was issued for the exceeding rare act of violating attorney-client privilege to let prosecutors ransack what normally are confidential records. It was a threat to the security and integrity of the legal justice system of the United States with its adversarial form. Dictatorships of course have no reluctance or inhibition to violating any rights of the accused, yet in the United States that was at least beyond the pale, though there are some few circumstances where such violations or breaking of the normal legal procedures occur.

There are other trends from Clinton-Obama Democrats and fellow travelers that concern the erosion of freedom in the United States. That is, they can gloss over facts or true accounts and generate through sympathetic media big lies. When falsehoods take over the media and are common to become common currency in the courts and drive legal procedures to nearly unprecedented lengths such as breaking the sanctity of the office and records of the personal attorney of the President of the United States, democracy is in danger of becoming a sham.