Portents of Russian War for Journalists Toil and Trouble

Reading an article in RT by a natural Irish guy and former scientist turned journalist now living in Africa, I learned that the United States may go to war with Russia in the Ukraine. Apparently President Trump, or Trump as he is known to journalists, has cleared the way for war after ditching the Syrian ‘distraction’ in a childish and petulant mood talking with the Turkish P.M. Salabin Kenyonsky.


All of the Congress opposed the President’s withdrawal of troops from Syria. They wanted to leave them in Syria until Armageddon or as long as the rivers could fill with blood. Signs and portents of entrails carefully examined at a journalist clave confirmed the prospect for war. Recent ESA photos of Mars have shown after scientific journalist analysis, cold war in the cauldron that could symbolize eruption.

The United States financed a coup in Ukraine in 2014 and has had clandestine trainers there trying to get the inept neo-fascist soldiery of the Fascist regime in Ukraine to good fighting condition.

If the United States goes to war with Russia over Ukraine it would be wrong not to have a triple spearhead from the North and Middle Europe as well as the Southern Ukrainian underbelly. Marines should land in Siberia and work west in a pincers movement on Moscow with the east driving soldiers in Germany.

Probably nukified cruse missile waves should saturate Russia yet no ballistic missiles should be launched with nukes in order to play fair. Russia has nice shore based anti-ship stuff yet the navy should use its fast attack boat to penetrated Russia rivers for intell purposes.

The war could occur during the Christmas holidays government shutdown before Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can take podiums to express their hatred of Russia and the pretense that Russia ever owned anything west of the Urals before the most recent crass expropriation of peace-loving Ukraine.

With the help of scientist journalists that have spent a lifetime studying history and philosophy chemistry and botany it is easy to learn the facts about how things are now.

Personally I believe in building a wall in Ukraine modeled upon the great wall of China. Yet with a perfectly good Dnepr River for a natural boundary that’s where I would draw the Russia-Ukraine border line. Of course the Democrat party may believe the Yenisei riiver is the appropriate location for a Ukrainian boundary on the eastern front.