Fascist-Trotskiite Sen Chuck Schumer Forces Government Closure.

The Federal Budget is nearly four trillion dollars annually. Voters that elected President Trump would like at least five billion spent on border security. Senator Schumer is such a Trotskiite that he sounds like a George Wallace of the left who said,:”Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” Senator Schumer- “It will never pass the Senate, not today, not next week, not next year. So President Trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall, plain and simple,”

The wall is not a racist thing. The world and the nation have too many people already. The left supports zero population growth generally with abortion and Planned Parenthood. In my lifetime the national population has doubled while the majority of Americans have fewer than 2 children per family. With 320 million Americans the nation cannot well endure another doubling of the population especially through mass illegal immigration and large families from the same for political purposes.

I have seen the Interstate system built, the sprawlmarts grow along them and the rise of megacities, luxury fossil fuel cars and a vast corporatist culture of non-sustainable economics concentrate wealth. The wild things and spaces are dying. Such mass growth makes for national insecurity equal to the flimsiness of the World Trade Center at 9-11. If the U.S. population doubles the first mass biological war will kill billions and billions worldwide with no firewalls to prevent it.

It is far too easy for terrorists and others seeking entry to the U.S.A. to get over the border with few natural obstructions. A wall won’t help the illegal traffic.

If all of those Mexicans and Central Americans that want to enter the U.S.A. illegally were Germans or even Swedes of equal numbers I would support building the wall. Wildlife is nice, a healthy ecosphere is vital and sustainable green wild requires fewer people using it already- much less hundreds of millions more.

Senator Schumer ridicules democracy in attacking the tens of millions that want the President to build a wall as dogs the wall would throw a bone to; Senator Schumer said it is a bone to the hard right“.

Democracy works with tolerance for points of view and wishes for others as well as oneself. Senator Schumer seems to believe like Adolph Hitler that it must be my way or the highway. Closing down the government for nothing more than political purposes is why the U.S. democracy is endangered. The Pelosi-Schumpocrats are pure fascists that want absolute power without sharing, compromise etc. 

 The cost to the nation of spitting on the will of tens of millions of Americans- perhaps even a simple majority that want the wall funded for a number of reasons, could be high. People lack trust or respect for politicians that just can’t comprehend the government is supposed to work as well at least as a moderately well-run business. Senator Schumer is an extremist, as is (next session) Speaker Pelosi, who cannot share, who cannot compromise with an opposition party, and desires absolute power like the Supreme Soviet of the former Soviet Union.