Some Reasons Why Chess Engines are A Lot Better Now

Computer hardware and software continues to improve. Better programming. The Monte Carlo algorithm works for chess and Wall Street as well as casinos. Algorithms permit all kinds of searches enabling the corporate world to marginalize internet use not of advantage to narrow corporate self-interest.

AlphaGo Zero – How and Why it Works


I learned about bubble sorts in 1980. Luckily I didn’t continue as a career programmer. So from COBOL, FORTRAN and BASIC I missed out on C C+, Natural and all the rest that has taken over the business world. Programming iterations and algorithms supported by hardware such as INTEL Sunny Lake etc are remarkable.


Comparing Intel Gen 10 to Commodore 64’s or Osborne’s- or even the venerable IBM 360 Mainframe, could make some snicker. Intel Cannon Lake release date, news, and rumors

Top-down structured programming, modules and subroutines- I guess they long ago got rid of goto’s. They are able to find the right move and model various theoretical move constructs to great depth.