Close US Gov Regularly to Save Money

The U.S. Government has been partially closed none days so far and it is kind of a relief. President Trump should commission a study on how the government might be partially closed regularly in order to reduce the cost of government.

It is probable that a good systems analyst might discover ways to consolidate government services and agencies creatively and actually get more bang for the buck. If government could be closed 30% of the time, in theory it would cost 30% less.

With the military industrial complex dominating the federal budget and with the complete unwillingness of Democrats to fund security on a practical level like spending five billion to build some more miles of solid fencing on the Mexican border, closing the government might be the best way to prevent the federal deficit from getting worse and to stop Democrats from inventing more inefficient and less-than-optimal ways to spend federal dollars ostensibly to help middle class and poor people while the economics facts speak for themselves; wealth is being concentrated in the 1%.

The market has gone up from 850 to 23,000 since 1972 while the minimum wage has only gone up 5 dollars. Democrats are just enriching their party leaders.