Rep Gianforte Should Work With Dems for Wall and 5G Wireless

Representative Gianforte should compromise with Democrats and help pass a Democratic plan with just 2.5 billion for the wall instead of 5 billion if and only if Democrats implement some sort of measure to assure that Montana’s major cities get 5G wireless before August 2019. Fast Internet speed is part of state security too.

Montana cannot just be a state with flowers and cattle, spent mines and a little oil. It needs 5G wireless as much as the states that get preferential treatment from Verizon and AT &T. In order for technology to advance Montana cannot be left in the dark ages of 3 and 4 G wireless. President Trump should make sure that every red state has 5G service before the end of 2019. What good is a President if he can’t get 5G in states that voted for him and some progress on national security?

How can Nancy Pelosi be so useless in her nitch as Speaker? Any Speaker of the past besides Paul Ryan would have found some way to compromise and make government function. Not Speaker Pelosi though. She says she gets a tingling feeling all over her body on blocking ‘Trump’s’ wall. Apparently she is so brain dead she needs to use old Chris Matthews verbiage.

Speaker O’Neal might have signed off on 5 billion for the wall so long as California got 5 billion for a mag-lev train system. Speaker need to think and get things done rather than acting like sit-down donkey’s proud of not moving at all.