Antipodes of Elitism; Hillary, Mitt and Darth

In a way, Mitt Romney’s attack on President Trump during the border wall government shutdown seems like the former Presidential candidate loser’s way of validating himself as being a worthwhile politician not really rejected by the nation. The fellow who transported his dog in a car top carrier possibly in a hurry to get his family to a dressage elite horse prancing high stepping show (or maybe some other form of vacation) is the son of a man who was born in Mexico and ineligible to run for the office of President yet did. George Romney was born in Mexico. George’s parents fled during the Mexican revolution. When the dictatorship was in jeopardy they had nowhere to go except Salt Lake City Utah.

Mitt Romney is something of a mercenary for the most rich globalists. President Trump seems more common. General Stanley McCrystal-the excellent American soldier proficient at the art of killing combatants,  has also recently attacked President Trump on moral grounds. In my opinion the General’s attack isn’t warranted. Killing humans isn’t the highest level of morality possible. It in fact violates one of the ten commandments technically, while President Trump’s moral failures and use of hyperbole instead of pure logical clarity in expressions doesn’t quite rise to that level. attacks America first policy

One might believe that General McCrystal was a possible candidate to be the President’s next Secretary of State. It is fortunate that he spoke out when he did.

Americans have elected less than top of the pile Presidents in recent years- actually since Ronald Reagan. The office fundamentally enriches the most rich and pursues bad policies as the candidate’s ideas are vacuous. That isn’t likely to change. Those commenting critically of the President are of the insider-elite average non-sustainable economic ignoramus class of people. General McCrystal is himself a career government technician without any free enterprise spirit who as a good soldier could have done his job equally well for the Soviet Red Army.

Mitt Romney and other losers that support corporatism and the destruction of the U.S.A. should refrain from working to elect a Democrat through attacks on the only electable Republican. Massachusetts was a leader in queer things such as Obamacare, and Romney was the Governor of that State before fleeing to Utah to be elected a U.S. Senator.

Mitt Romney said that half of the people were bums or something like that, who did not want to work (maybe it was just 50 million) while Hillary said that Trump voters were trash or something to that effect; Romney-Clinton are antipode peer elitists against ordinary Americans. Democrats fail to comprehend why people vote for President Trump.