China Before the Multi-Vector Determination of Historical Courses

While China has perpetrated racial-political genocide on Tibet, people like Bill Gates have sought partnership building experimental nuclear plants in China to empower the oppressive regime further. President Trump has rightly conducted trade war to stiff arm the aggressive, expansive, vastly populous nation a little, yet President Xi of China has made implied threats toward the peaceful island nation of Taiwan declaring it a prize for China’s borg empire waiting to be consumed.

President Trump should continue the trade war until China recognizes Taiwanese independence. Democrats should sign off on the wall and face reality instead of dopey fantasy utopia they perceive all around them if it weren’t for the President.

Chinese leadership under the dictator should forego the usual ways of politically swelling with a large population and an increasingly efficient and productive economy often leading to war or annexation of lands and regions unwilling to be dominated by oppressive and vast left-wing bureaucracy. Humanity needs good new ideas rather than old ways and social vectors leading through unsustainability to conflict. War is the historical way for the rectification of politically acceptable ways and means internationally that well should be rendered obsolete with more innovative applications of logic.