Keeping Government Shutdown Until Mueller Probe, Clintons and Turkey Go Away

Though there are innumerable reasons to partially close the U.S. Government and keep it that way permanently, maybe the favorite reason for the President could be the under-funding of the never-ending Mueller Investigation that is supposed to end in six months-  after the next election campaign is in full swing.

The F.B.I. agents union apparently wants the shutdown to shutdown. Democrats are diabolically clever at attacking the United States for the benefit of foreign powers, though they may do so inadvertently as they work for the global people’s utopia that will follow open borders and breakdown of foreign and domestic policy reason.

Speaking of foreign policy; Turkey has threatened to invade Syria fast on a Kurd killing mission if the U.S. doesn’t quickly pull out it’s 2000 or so soldiers from Syria. If Turkey hadn’t been working to get Russia on it’s side in the vacuum of American friendship and development with Russia, that threat wouldn’t have been made.

Turkey after the end of the Soviet invasion threat has no place in N.A.T.O. where it can work its empire and own caliphate dreams in the region and throw wrenches into U.S. European political common sense. Turkey is a good example of the no mission for N.A.T.O. since the end of the cold war development toward the dark side of the force. Some might theoretically think that Turkey can lever Muslim power and hegemony over Europe better and also lever the United States into increasing foreign policy irrationality (counter-productive policies that don’t work very well) since N.A.T.O. has no necessary existence except for bureaucratic laziness and inertia.

The Russian conundrum could have been settled readily so full normal economic relations could resume if the Dnepr were the permanent Ukrainian boundary with Russia and the Crime was recognized as Russia (it is and was). Real politic is not blind stupidity and clutchiness.

With Russia a good economic partner Turkey wouldn’t be so bold about threatening American interests in the middle east. The United States could reduce Syria and expand a Kurdistan in the corner as a federal state with ties to Kurds in Iraq and Turkey. Russia could keep its ports in Syria and watch over a defanged Alawite state that is safe for non-Sunni citizens. Europeans could work on their own security issues and some sort of reduced N.A.T.O. could respond to existential threats that don’t arise from careless reading of Jean Paul Sartre’s tome ‘Being and Nothingness’.

Probably a marine division could help carve out a Kurdish state that should have been done after the first world war as Kurds were promised. Turks have been genocidalists and would be recrudescent imperialists since, or at least looking for some way to expand their cut down former empire remnant. They are haters.

Democrats just look for ways to expand utopia in the U.S.A. by increasing tax cuts for the rich. They are glad enough to create wars at a distance if necessary, and when their pre-conditioning for war through stupid foreign policy pays off. The Ukraine is the apple in the eye for Wall Street they cannot relinquish. Like a dog fighting over a bone that cannot see a bigger, plentiful bone pile nearby because of political tunnel vision, they would wreck U.S. security so far as possible near and far by dismissing policy with a backbone as militarist. Democrat Party sloppiness at border security and unreal politic may build up another 9-11 as did the Clinton administration.