Emergency Wall Funding is a Reasonable Idea

President Trump may get ten billion or more to build border security barriers from national disaster money if he declares a national emergency. It is only an emergency in the sense that myocardial infarction is- it can go on for days (or months and years in the case of the wall) before causing death. Some tough guys can stand the pain indefinitely though its still an emergency. The nation loses jobs in construction and wages don’t rise with a surfeit of illegal labor that pile into the back of a truck stopping on a corner in the south and increasingly across the nation. For the homeless that can’t find work easily, it is an emergency though they too can survive.

Democrats should not have closed the government over 5 billion dollars- that was plain wrong. The authoritarians seem to want everything their own way, all the time, and cannot share government well while hating on the President as a four year plan.