Fruition of the Von Pelosi Recess Plan?

Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer permanently wear rose colored glasses on their Utopian vision for illegal entry to the United States. Border breakers are regarded as motivated people seeking asylum to work hard for Democratic leaders that with gratitude for mowing their lawns and making their Democrat beds will vote for them for countless generations.

Democrats prefer to believe that 90% of those making illegal entries to the U.S. are caught and the remainder are here to do the dirty jobs Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer wouldn’t. They also believe they have no effect on the minimum wage of $7.50 set by the U.S. government. That has just gone up five bucks since 1972. Wall Street in the meanwhile has risen from 850 to 23,000.

More accuracy on border crossing of lightly defended areas about the number that make it through ICE security might be enhanced with networks of invisible laser beams counters such as might be used in protecting valuable items from burglars. Democrats could at least suggest such measures for better measurement metrics for an annual better guesstimate of how many make it through. One realistic survey estimate of the number apprehended as a percent of those making it through is just 20 to 40%. Government bureaucrats have an historical tendency to over-estimate the effectiveness of their programs.

Still, that cannot account for the consistent unwillingness of the Democrats to invest in real defense at the border vs theoretical defense with trillions of dollars for existential threats against Russian super-weapons and soldiery menacing the soft underbelly of The Soviet European Union and shopping malls in the mid-west. After or if the government returns to work the Mueller Mandate should be expanded to include an investigation of Democrat leaders into foreign collusion to keep southern border security loose.

Alternatively it is possible that Speaker Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are working a diabolic plan to keep the government partially closed simply to collect pay while not working. The Pelosi Speaker era may become known as the big recess. If government does little work it is possible they may do little harm so their is a bright spot in the dark cloud after all.