Iran Would Be Better Off If Christian

Iran is a preponderantly Muslim nation. True that is better than godless atheism yet it still misses out on salvation for the glory of God. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only way unto a personal relationship with God. Muslims don’t know that and Muslim nations thus have the concatenated problems of millions of unsaved, unredeemed citizens directing affairs through unsaved political criteria to the usual disasters.

The west has a lot of godless atheists duped into believing that evolution theory and science contradicts evidence for the presence of God throughout history and transcendantly in cosmology and it does not. The intentionally lost corrupt themselves into easy disbelief categorically and never take the time to think about the word of God in the Bible as well as science and philosophically, spiritually consider each in the context of human history and knowledge. Many people haven’t the time for intellectual effort in any sort of disciplined way and don’t think for themselves. They want an easy bite of a sinless apple that transforms their lives into blameless consumerism- the way of the lost and unredeemed.

Iran with a conversion to Christianity generally would be better off in the modern world and if even moderately evangelical would continue to have interesting, engaging argument with many of the west’s leaders who might be outraged over the conversion; for their hope is that Iran will evolve into godless atheist consumerism that is the contemporary ethos of Wall Street.