Democrat Party Leaders Hate Red State Voters- Love Illegal Aliens

Democrat Party leaders seem only to care for the interests of party members instead of the people of the United States. Republicans gifted with many dumb or rather wrong ideas do at least appear to care about all of the people of the nation.

Democrats seem to care more about immigrants and especially illegal immigrants than red state voters. Basically red state voter interests are fair dinkum for decline and the people can eat it even unto death in the probable Democrat Party playbook.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer don’t really comprehend nor have ab interest in understanding how an endless stream of illegal, cheap labor bumps out the well being of the poor and middle class in the United States while being primarily of benefit to the rich and Democrat Party voters.

Democrats care about lesbians and male homosexuals, minorities and women that vote Democratic. They care about global socialism and for enriching themselves, yet of red state voters well being, nothing at all.

That’s how it seems. They are either negligent or malevolent. So flooding the nation with illegal immigrants and labeling people as KKK symps who support immigration being limited to those that Congress has lawfully allowed to enter through legal immigration policy is nothing at all to Democrat Party leaders.