Verbal Awkwardness of Rep Octavio-Cortez Stimulates Industrial-Strength Lewdness Disinterpretation

When Rep. Ocasio-Cortez in an interview said she was going to ‘run train’ on the progressive agenda the next couple of years she sparked broad laughter and amusement in the media at her adumbration. Probably it was an English as a second language adumbration. Maybe she meant ‘engineer’ the progressive agenda or something like that.

I read the report at Fox News that went heavily in to the sexual slang usage interpretation. Comments were as happy with the vile interpretation as could be. None apparently were aware of the way ESL speakers or those that forget the particular word they want (I have recently used the substituted the word ‘martinet’ for ‘marionette’ in error yet that’s not quite the same) use a descriptive phrase meaning the word.

The media makes a living reporting on sensational topics. They profit reporting on wars and other conflicts and do not invest much in trying to solve them. The media want followers (as do most in business) and aren’t necessarily ethical in how they get them. When wars are made obsolete for some reason the media can evolve- as they may be already, to simply reporting on corporate products sensationally. The trouble with that is they report the news sensationally and in service to those that pay them or own the reporting media infrastructure.

In some ways it seems as if things are not getting better.