On Kamala Harris- Trading Sex for Political Advance is Ethical Now?

Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris apparently had a solid sex relationship with the married speaker and later San Francisco mayor WiIlie Brown. He helped her with three political jobs; two well paying appointments to commissions and a District Attorney campaign. While women trading sex for favors outside of marriage isn’t a new thing, using sex to get political boosts raises ethical questions concerning what are valid ways of promoting candidates in a democracy/meritocracy.

Apparently the former S.F. mayor and California State Assembly godfather-operator boosted several well known California politicians including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in yet undisclosed ways.






President Trump has experienced withering flamethrower quality criticism of alleged sex relationships that did no include political promotion and then comes along this Kamala Harris clown car of confirmable sex-ethical swampiness that makes the 2020 campaign look like a swamp-sewer with an odor worthy of cancelling the election (to go one better than cancelling the state of the Union address).