A Few Philosophical-Theological Cosmology Creation Concepts

Omniscience might be requisite for flawless design of species evolution and no one should expect to get it. If one configures an evolutionary system to generate a targeted product in a very complex ecosystem with innumerable variables, the likelihood of system errors deforming the system to bring system failure to evolve a desired product are great. Omniscience usefully designs an evolving system such that it’s pre-determined to create the proper product at the right moment. Thank God for God.

Top-down modular approaches to flowcharting from T=0 to T=Omega aren’t the only way to format structure. One can have natural and rational numbers with different dimensional variables (joking)for vectors and tensor-sets. Contingent dream sections may be modularized in chapter-units them placed on some sort of a tree-chart, harvested and set like bricks into a mosaic that’s the preferred narrative. If one writes like Jorge Luis Borges the mosaic could be a multi-level circular pyramid with a time axis in several directions.

One might regard the evolution of human life through heterosexual events as an archetype of creation through omniscient configuration of evolution. I suppose when mankind was created and God rested, the designed evolution era ceased and human intelligence became capable of deforming the functioning patterns through genetic redesign and sundry forms of sin for-itself and for-others. Through seven or eight Universes they might find an emergent composite sectional single-verse.

Consider the point that of all the proto-human species that have existed the challenges of designing the ecosphere such that just one species would emerge to dominate were incalculable except for omniscience. Some wrongly believe evolution has no design, or had none in the era in which God created the Universe from emergence in His will to the solar system and let it become peopled before bringing the era of Adamas and Edith to fruition. They go farther and assume it’s o.k. to sin and miss the mark of evolving human function and physical health (everyone is spiritual dead unless reborn with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ).

Retrospectively one is looking for a dream on the edge of a desert where night can yield to day and the beginning of the eons of time and history set memories alive and poignant;  bittersweet in that they occur at all before destiny wrests them away, before seasons die and thoughts dissipate to be less than dust; before faces of tomorrow disappear into yesterdays. When living being is given to surpass nothingness from God, who never dies,  when fragments stir sands of time like illusions worn from mountains as Ordovician echoes on a planet, beyond some star, a landscape given to exist, destinies are given, missions are set.

A ball shaped dimension received a zero dimension singularity. Mass-energy went through ball for split second (hyperinflaton). One field-mass-energy stretched over ball. Surface-tension was four dimensional space-time. It was stuck on the surface. Ball dimension surged through mass-energy surface tension- dark energy. Voila. A pre-universe ball-shaped dimension with fragments inflates up.

Goals that ask for investments of time and effort in-a-world arise. Yet one may never achieve the summit and world picture with endless stories and objects. An empirical world does not forever glisten like a shining city on a lake calling those inducted to the halls of consumerism. A transcending, surprising destiny overcoming the world emerges in the fog of time…something never foreknown waits for being and time to expire.

In the beginning of each Universe first light shines into the darkness as the Spirit of God wills it.. First light on a pre-determined holographic membrane given a particular course and destiny moving through a zero-energy vacuum without friction or exogenous relativistic effects as if it were in free fall not subject to extra-Universal forces. I would never know if God could experience an eternal recurrence of omniscience. Probably He is without a temporal yardstick for-himself. That yardstick for the passage of time is time-for-others.

Each braniverse required a certain surface tension analogue to stay together with orderly coherence. The primordial vacuum state remained so at the pleasure of God who one infers was the author of any temporal disequilibrium in regard to an orderly neutral mind-field.

I had so many unanswered questions about mass in regard to relativity where it seemed capable of surpassing itself and its own existence. Observations of super-massive black holes have discovered rotational velocity of as high as 84% of the speed of light. Can they spin at light speed? God can transcend all mass and energy and move it into comparatively null space. Mass and energy quantification and qualification are conditional subject to God. If all Universe, time and space that could be were infinite in number for-God, they could fit within an infinitely minimal space area or actually become nothing at all; becoming quality or quantity as He wills it to be.