Eu Council Should Support May and Avoid Article 48 Scenarios

The EU Council leadership is unwilling to work with Prime Minister May to modify the Brexit agreement, yet it should work with the British leader. The European Union would like to gain a pile of cash one might believe, at Britain’s expense, yet the real concern the EU should have is that British domestic politics threaten to undermine the democratic hegemonic way of life.

Dissidents opposed to the May Brexit deal with the EU want better terms, and of course many oppose leaving. The Eu may hope that latter scenario develops again at Britain’s cost.

Parliamentarians seem interested in changing the way government and parliament relate regarding promulgating laws, in order to have their way in rejecting the deal PM May already made with the EU. If that were to happen it is challenging in this era of corporatism as a political philosophy of the day to say where it would end.

German Chancellor Adolph Hitler exploited Hindenberg’s Article 58 giving him emergency powers to make The Enabling Act that set his course as dictator. Though Britain is unlikely to go anywhere that far in the years ahead without the May a Brexit agreement it is a sobering, malodorous direction British radicals seem willing to take.

European Council President Tusk can provide enough negotiating room for moderate changes to allow PM May to get the Brexit deal through without major problems if he wishes to. And he should in order to reinforce democracy so far as he can.